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With Swaplace, we believe in a decentralized future where peer-to-peer exchanges are seamless, open-source, ownerless and feeless.

We envision a world where individuals can exchange digital assets effortlessly, without the burden of high fees, intermediaries, or complex transactions. Swaplace is a movement towards empowering the community, fostering collaboration, and embracing the potential of blockchain technology.

Swaplace is also a public good. As an open-source project, Swaplace is designed to support the greater good of the community. It thrives on the collaborative efforts of our users, who contribute to its development, making it a truly community-driven initiative. With Swaplace, there are no external contract dependencies, no ownership, and no fees. Instead, the platform operates on allowances, ensuring a transparent and accessible environment for all.
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What is Swaplace?

Swaplace is a P2P DEX, Ownerless platform designed for token swaps. It allows you to exchange tokens directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing transaction complexities.

You can trade one token or multiple tokens in a single click, paying only the necessary gas fees from the blockchain. Our intuitive interface enables you to select specific tokens for swapping, putting you in control of your transactions. We've simplified the process, making it efficient, straightforward, and user-friendly.
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The Team

The development team is from Blockful. Our team fosters innovation through curiosity and learning.

Blockful empowers Blockchain projects with Smart Contracts, DeFi Infrastructure, and Expert Consulting. We have experience and the full potential of Blockchain projects with our expert team, transforming ideas into powerful solutions, propelling your success to new heights.

The team operates as a squad-as-a-service, creating DeFi and Smart Contracts development. Here you can learn more about our team and Blockful
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How to build

1. Access the Swaplace docs on Github
2. There you will find everything you need to start building, especially the contract codes
3. All documentation is Open-Source and you can use the technology to build your own product
4. If you have any difficulties or want to ask any questions, don't hesitate to access our Discord community to contact the devs
5. There you will find a category for Swaplace builders, pick the “Swaplace Builder” role and feel free to join our community of builders

Welcome, builder!
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